Present Day Way of Dress

Good day, YWniverse!

For this post, I present to you a half pecha kucha—10 slides, 20 seconds per slide—presentation on “how and why do people dress this way today?”

This is a part of our first exam in our Creative Clothing Design class. Thus, I have applied all relevant information I have learned from class so far to answer the question.

Have fun! 🙂

(Watch it as 1080p HD quality for the best viewing experience. Subtitle is available too, turn it on if you please.)

P.S.: My references are my class notes. Also, the video was exactly three minutes and 20 seconds (strictly 20 seconds per slide), but it was somehow altered when uploaded. Lastly, all images used are not mine; credits to their original owners (cited at the last part of the presentation).


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