Have you ever had any issues with your clothes? Have you experienced being excited on wearing your favorite pants just to find out that the zipper isn’t functioning properly like it used to?

Based on my observations, specifically on my wardrobe, I found out ten clothing problems that concern me so much. I’m sure you have had some, if not all, of these problems too. Here’s the list: Color fades; fabric bleeds when washed; clothes change size after laundry (stretched or became loose specially for stretchable clothes)itchy fabric; fabric has a distinct bad smell when you sweat (even if your sweat smells fine with others);

fluffs or himulmol;



runs, unstitches, or tastas;






jersey shirt

removal of prints and fake buttons;


embossed print design on a shirt is slowly peeling off


fake buttons on a shirt were unnoticeably and completely gone

zipper malfunctions; and


jacket zips up but some parts don’t seal tightly, thus opens

wrinkles or kunot (after washing and drying).



What are the other clothing problems do you have? Don’t hesitate to share them with me! 🙂


Present Day Way of Dress

Good day, YWniverse!

For this post, I present to you a half pecha kucha—10 slides, 20 seconds per slide—presentation on “how and why do people dress this way today?”

This is a part of our first exam in our Creative Clothing Design class. Thus, I have applied all relevant information I have learned from class so far to answer the question.

Have fun! 🙂

(Watch it as 1080p HD quality for the best viewing experience. Subtitle is available too, turn it on if you please.)

P.S.: My references are my class notes. Also, the video was exactly three minutes and 20 seconds (strictly 20 seconds per slide), but it was somehow altered when uploaded. Lastly, all images used are not mine; credits to their original owners (cited at the last part of the presentation).

So Who’s ESFJ?

According to 16Personalities, I am one of the twelve percent of the world’s population who, for a lack of a better word, is popular.

I got an ESFJ personality or The Consul with an Assertive (-A) variant and a role of a Sentinel. I am 31%, 4%, 20%, 17%, and 24% leaning to extraverted, observant, feeling, judging, and assertive categories, respectively. In a nutshell, I am said to be taking the spotlight, leading teams, organizing activities, supporting and making people happy, more concerned with fashion and practical matters, and doing my best to use my powers for good.

I believe that I have answered the test truthfully and in the best way I can and I must admit that the results are spot-on. I’m impressed that, by reading everything under my personality type, the site has described me accurately in so much words in a few web pages more than I have ever thought about myself until now.

I love to serve, lead, and inspire. I want things to be clear and organized for everyone and have always wanted to stay updated about the what- and whereabouts of my relatives, friends, and even acquaintances.

I have always been part of the external affairs committee in my UP Arirang organization and we are tasked to be the arm of the organization to the alumni and handle the external relations with the Korean exchange students and organizations and institutions within and outside UP. I am also currently a part of the marketing committee of CHE Force and the ad hoc team for Mr. and Ms. CHE 2015 where I head the programs committee. I enjoy such roles and responsibilities and my personality type support these.

My personality support my inclination to leadership. I am said to have a strong sense of duty and be an excellent manager of day-to-day tasks and routine maintenance. I am an altruist who take my responsibilities to help and do the right thing seriously. I am also sensitive, loyal, warm, and good at connecting with others. I also agree with the weaknesses presented in the site that I have tendencies to be too needy and selfless.

Moreover, I want to pursue a career in the clothing technology industry—mostly in the business and production sides. I want to own companies that would not just benefit people through material things but also improve their lifestyle and our economy. I think that I have pretty strong personality traits that support my career choice and I am now making decisions accordingly, as opposed to years ago where I had really took the wrong path as my education and training are concerned. I don’t think that I don’t have to change any aspects of my personality but rather strengthen it and control my weaknesses.

As Deborah Day once said, as the opening quote of my personality type, “encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all.”